BLBC: Things are progressing.

  Week 2, Day 1 (August 18th) Day 1 is done and with it, a lot more documentation! Our schedule is fleshed out for the next couple of weeks, our artists are plugging away at art and our programmers are locked in an intense struggle against our version control software which is currently affecting how we work with Unreal. Other than that, another productive day!  Here's some previews of our early-stage assets by our fantastic artists! Our main character. Beautiful soil! The town's notice board.

Bad Luck Black Cat: Major Production begins...

Week 1 Summary (August 9th - 13th) The year is 2021. The day is Friday the 13th. The Australian Capital Territory has entered its first day of lockdown in a year. In the midst of chaos and turmoil, a lotus rises from the mud. The production of Bad Luck Black Cat begins... Hello! I'm Luke, a second year student at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment going into our final Major Production assessment. For this assessment I have chosen to work with 7 other students on a farming game known as Bad Luck Black Cat . The brainchild of Hannah, one of our artists,  Bad Luck Black Cat  is a cutesy farming game that our ragtag team, The Grimalkins, are going to develop over the course of the next 15 weeks (developer commentary and game trailer included).  These projects, as prototypes & ideas, have already seen a month of development in our previous Proof of Concept unit, but other than skeletal game ideas and brief pitch videos we are basically starting from scratch. In the last 2 day